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01.02.2021: new website is coming

We are working on developing a new website for Watch this space!

05.01.2021: Belgian financial solutions organisation starts using Group Vision Web

The flexibility of Group Vision Web as well as its feature to calculate direct % of ownership based on classes and quantities of shares owned by every shareholder made our new client in Belgium choose our software. 

05.06.2020: new module to manage Projects

Group Vision's structural flexibility has allowed our programming team to quickly build a new module to manage various "projects". Projects can be real-estate developments, minority investments, or any other venture linked to a group company. It is easy to custom-configure the field names or blocks of information used in this module in order to make it applicable to every Client's needs.

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Our systems

Legal entity management is an essential element of corporate governance and legal compliance. Askival Systems provides cutting-edge software, Group Vision Web, to support both the management of the legal structure of your organisation and the exchange of vital corporate information. As a result, your company will benefit from
  • Legal compliance and better monitoring
  • Value-added investor relations
  • Enhanced intra-corporate communication
  • Sophisticated up-to-date structure charts 
  • Accurate and instantaneous reporting
  • Support for reorganisation and tax planning
  • Time saving
  • Cost reduction

Some of our clients

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